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I'm a storyteller, author / publisher of "Between Sleep And Awake: A Notebook Of Stories" and "Ex-Pat: An Apartment In Madrid" and a blogger. ----->

I'm a teacher, TEFL instructor, and substitute when the occasion calls for it ------->

Behind The Scenes:
I'm the Granny-Nanny of one grandson, and have two grown children of my own. I have two blogs: and I've been married a couple of times, not my idea, all I wanted was to get married once, stay that way forever, have a boatload of kids, cook, clean. drive them to football games, but the universe had another plan that I rolled with as best I could. I've always been an adventurer at heart.

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Suburbian Sound: Theodore



Mavis took a step toward the vehicle then came to a halt as the driver’s door opened on its own. They looked at each other. “Oh c’mon… the apocalypse didn’t wipe out Candid Camera?” Rachel had no response. Mavis took a second step, then another toward the open door and noticed the panel around the steering wheel lit in deep red lights. Feeling a sudden surge of bravery she leaned in the…

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A Frayed Mind

“Your assignment today class, for you now 5th grade, is to describe 3 places at school but don’t mention names, nor classroom numbers or teachers nearby to identify. Be cool. Descriptive writing is the game. They’re building a new annex. Keep it in mind. Makes it look a little spooky. Unusual for daytime, but where could it be? Will we know from the words we see?”


For Example

I walked in.…

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Suburbian Sound: Should We Get In?

Suburbian Sound: Should We Get In?

     Suing, disagreement of any kind all seemed so ludicrous now. “Coffee’s supposed to be hot” she gently said. “You feel like exploring Rachel? Why don’t we see what’s left and who’s still here. Had anyone relocated just in case, you know, of apocalypse? Hear of anyone?” “A few people on my street left to go back to their hometowns and be with their families. Each one told me they wouldn’t be…

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Response: What’s a Classic?

    When we say ‘you’re classic’ we usually mean timeless if we’re seeing in a positive light or it could be predictably typical if we’re not happy with it, annoyed with a person or something s/he did.

Response: What’s a Classic?

    When we say ‘you’re classic’ we usually mean timeless if we’re seeing in a positive light or it could be predictably typical if we’re not happy with it, annoyed with a person or something s/he did.

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Suburbian Sound : Around The Corner

Suburbian Sound : Around The Corner

     As she walked through the streets, yes she could still tell they were streets, she saw houses, places where houses used to be, and if she kept following this dusty road she should come through to… there it was! The market was still there, next to that a café and down a little further, across the street the post office was still standing. So far she hadn’t seen anyone else other than…

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Days Of Flatmates Passed: Burn Notice

Days Of Flatmates Passed: Burn Notice

Flatmates moving out
Don’t be helpful I think
But I thought too late
As I gathered up the pile
Of lesson plans and homework
Stuck together with spent prophylactics
Happy I was wearing my utility gloves
These I’ll discard, get a clean pair for dishes
I sighed
As an empty contraception packet
Slipped from between
No easy feat
For it I mean
Getting through passion’s gunk
Don’t want to imagine how…

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Behind His Eyes

I loved everything you’d do
Resilient, how diversified
So many personalities
Yet, I felt concern
What went on behind your eyes?
A sense of dread
Seeing ease with every change
Frightened I thought
Could anyone get close?
Could anyone know you?

I’m guessing no
Being treated for
How do you treat a state of mind
Telling you to die
And it makes sense to do

Now there’s peace
But I…

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Suburbian Sound

The parched ground crumbled with each step. But there hadn’t been an apocalypse. It didn’t make sense. She’d just spoken to her friend on the cell. When she’d gotten home last night there were trees, a sky with dark storm clouds, was that it? How’s an apocalypse supposed to work anyway? The world hadn’t ended. Maybe it wasn’t supposed to. Hey! Hadn’t she seen in movies there were survivors of the…

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