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I'm a storyteller, author / publisher of "Between Sleep And Awake: A Notebook Of Stories" and "Ex-Pat: An Apartment In Madrid" and a blogger. ----->

I'm a teacher, TEFL instructor, and substitute when the occasion calls for it ------->

Behind The Scenes:
I'm the Granny-Nanny of one grandson, and have two grown children of my own. I have two blogs: and I've been married a couple of times, not my idea, all I wanted was to get married once, stay that way forever, have a boatload of kids, cook, clean. drive them to football games, but the universe had another plan that I rolled with as best I could. I've always been an adventurer at heart.

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TeenAge: Disgruntled Again

Disgruntled youth once again

As I tell him the score

What’s in store?

You must do school work

I don’t want to says he

But you’re in school I chuckle silently

Anger and stomping reminiscent of two

Can I see this teacher?

Can I see that one?

Look, get settled into school work you see

Yes, that’s what she’ll do he says finally

He sits and is quiet

Could happen it’s true

Yet a young lady in…

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I called and a man’s voice answered

“Who is this clown? Is she living with someone”, I thought

Not sure I should leave too much information

Just in case I dialed it wrong

But I wanted to try again

How wonderful to get in touch

After all this time, too long

For best friends from school days

Let’s communicate so I called one more time

The same voice and recording

Something didn’t sit

No message…

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Teenage Days

He enters angry, his head down

No smile

Scowling frown

“Excuse me”, I say

“Is this your name?”

But he doesn’t speak

“Yoo-hoo, hello, I’d like to know

I’m the teacher you see

Whatever you did

Now your time’s with me

And your fellows beside”

He keeps his head down

He won’t reply

I chuckle deep

“Well, I guess this is you”

As I check his name

“You’re the one they called said

He’s coming, be…

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Hips, Haws, And Harrumphs

Hips, Haws, And Harrumphs

The hips and haws signal

Summer’s gone

Fall and early winter are in play

We sleep now


As Persephone returns to the Underworld

Prepare yourself

Take heart

Soon enough it’s spring

Life returns

It never leaves


What the cycle brings


Cozy by the hearth

Bundle up stay warm

Watch safe from a window

Should winter early storm

Enjoy one final harvest

Welcome early frost


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The Waterfall


It was actually a reservoir and we weren’t supposed to be there. The water ran over an extended ledge down a rock-worn slide becoming a trout stream. Everyone swam there though. There were flat grassy places surrounding that some nights became as populated as a drive-in. Of course you didn’t know how populated until the police car came driving up shining its floodlight rousting everyone out.…

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Finding My Zing

OK inspiration, I dare you to find me.

Just 4:30 a.m. and I’m sitting on the patio in the dark yet hoping this change of scenery zings me into something spectacular to say. So far one car sped by. On a Saturday night into Sunday morning it can’t be a medical person heading out for their shift 2 hours early, or can it? Most likely it’s an all-night partier finding the way home – glad I wasn’t…

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Spell check

Word count

Resist reading again

Save it

I want to go to sleep

Wash my face

Brush my teeth

Bends and stretches

It’s a wrap

Muse thanks for stopping

I love it when you call

But if I don’t close my eyes

I’ll never make it in to work

I’ll get no sleep at all

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Wolf →

I knew you before you turned
Before you were bitten
Before your stars changed
Before fate played
Cruel fate
Depends on your view
I see it before me now
You must go a new way
With your going comes the past
No sense on that to dwell

Will you control the waning moon?
And the transformation it brings
Will you pass me by?
Or recognize
In the form you take
I don’t fear
You’re still beautiful to see
I want you near
Your guttural howl I can hear
Curl up
Lay your head
By a warm hearth
Make your bed

Suburbian Sound: Theodore



Mavis took a step toward the vehicle then came to a halt as the driver’s door opened on its own. They looked at each other. “Oh c’mon… the apocalypse didn’t wipe out Candid Camera?” Rachel had no response. Mavis took a second step, then another toward the open door and noticed the panel around the steering wheel lit in deep red lights. Feeling a sudden surge of bravery she leaned in the…

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A Frayed Mind

“Your assignment today class, for you now 5th grade, is to describe 3 places at school but don’t mention names, nor classroom numbers or teachers nearby to identify. Be cool. Descriptive writing is the game. They’re building a new annex. Keep it in mind. Makes it look a little spooky. Unusual for daytime, but where could it be? Will we know from the words we see?”


For Example

I walked in.…

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